Privacy Policy

Data Protection:
We take the highest responsibility for your private data. All personally identifiably data collected are processed confidential according to this Data protection.
Normally you can use this websites without giving personal information like name, address or E-Mail address. In case of contacting us by the contact form, all this data only have to be indicated voluntarily. This data never will be forwarded by us to third parties without your explicit approval.

As a general note for the data procession on the internet: Despite highest care there always can appear security gaps on the different transmission paths, e.g. by E-Mail. So a gapless protection of your data for the access of third parties not always is possible.

Technical Implementation
Our Web-Server is hosted and operatied by:
Host Europe GmbH
Welserstraße 14
51149 Köln
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Data collection
On our internet offer there the possibility exists, to enter personal or business-related data into one of the contact forms. At sending this data, they will be transmitted to us encoded, a gapless protection also at highest care cannot be guaranteed. Of course there is no forwarding of your data to third parties by us without your explicit agreement. That also is valid for contacting us directly by e-Mail.

At page view of this websites, data will be forwarded by the access of your browser to our web server. For the communication between browser and web server, certain data will be recorded: Date and time of the access, name of the requested website, name of the requested data (e.g. picture data, status of the site or data found / not found / transmitted etc.), name of the used web browser and the operating system you are using, the data volume and the IP-address. This data are not relatable to a specific user for us and also are not used by us for any other purpose. We reserve the rights, to check them afterwards at a hacker attack or misuse of our websites.

At the access of our websites, very small data, so called „Cookies“ are saved to your hard disk for a short time. This data exclusively are used to identify you at further visits of our websites and have the purpose of user friendliness or general features of the website. For this, your browser needs to be set up for accepting Cookies, which is usually the default mode. This function can be deactivated in the settings of your browser, also permanent.

Active Components
Our websites uses so-called „active components“ like Javascript. This function can be deactivated in the settings of your internet browser.

Use of script libraries and Google fonts
To ensure that for a correct function and for your safety are always the most up-to-date and most faultless versions of script libraries (e.g. Javascript libraries) are used, they are partially hosted on external servers, the so-called CDNs. For that a connection to the server of the operator of this libraries is established, when this website is called. The script library is buffered then in the cache of the browser to avoid further cycles of loading. It is theoretically possible, that the operator of the external servers collect data about the accesses.
For the correct display of scripts in any browser, the external script library Google Fonts will be accessed. Those scripts will be buffered in the cache of the browser to avoid further cycles of loading. Operator of Google Fonts is Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. By the access to their servers, Google collects, processes and uses data about access to Google Fonts' servers.
For details on how to handle the collected user data, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy

Information and Contact
You can ask us at any time for information about your saved personal data, their origin and purpose of saving them. Above that, you can ask us for correction, locking or deletion of your data.

For questions regarding privacy protection in connection with this internet offer, you can contact us:

Gerd Schaller, Am Friedrichshain 13, 10407 Berlin, Mobil: 0160 56 16 368,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.